Stop America's #1 Killer!

Stop America's #1 Killer!
Author:Thomas E. Levy, MD, JD
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According to national statistics, your odds of developing coronary heart disease may be greater than getting tails in a simple coin toss! Why leave it to chance? Learn how to avoid an expensive and painful trip to the cardiac intensive care unit and/or the cardiac surgical suite. In a very simple and inexpensive 3-pronged approach, you'll learn how to prevent and even reverse the arterial blockages that cause millions of heart attacks and send droves of Americans to the operating room for open heart surgery.

Coronary Heart Disease is Arterial Scurvy. In the next 24 hours, over 2,500 Americans will die from Coronary Heart Disease (CHD). The financial impact of CHD during that same 24 hours will approach $5,500,000. Based on government health statistics, over 25 million Americans are currently diagnosed with CHD and during the next 12 months over 600,000 of us will die from this disease. STOP AMERICA'S #1 KILLER! provides overwhelming evidence — including over 650 scientific references — that some conditions which we now consider as risk factors for CHD:
  • all start with the depletion of arterial vitamin C levels (arterial scurvy) and
  • are often just the body's way of compensating for the weakness in arterial walls caused by arterial scurvy.

This book also offers a protocol for preventing and reversing the arterial blockages that cause heart attacks.

You'll also get answers to these and other questions:

  • How can cholesterol levels that are too low actually increase your risk for other debilitating and life-threatening diseases?
  • How can traditional dental procedures start a continuing process that destroys your heart and coronary arteries?
  • What's the important link between vitamin C, triglycerides and HDL?
  • What should high levels of lipoprotein(a) tell your heart doctor?
  • Which amino acid, coupled with vitamin C, stops anginal pain?
  • Which hormone transports vitamin C into arterial cells and what factors impede the hormone's production?
  • How are histamine and anti-histamine levels in the blood related to arterial plaque?
  • What is the surprising relationship of vitamin C and calcium that impacts heart health and osteoporosis?
  • How is periodontal health directly related to heart health?
  • What minerals (found in many supplements) can dramatically increase your chance of heart attack and risk of cancer?
  • Which season of the year produces the highest number of heart attacks, why, and how can you counteract the affect?
  • How can the way you eat your food have as much of an impact on heart health as what you eat?
  • What foods should you avoid and why? (Hint: It's a very short list and not like any you have ever seen — you will probably be shocked by the foods that aren't on the list).
  • and many more.

Take the "chance" out of your heart's health Order Stop America's #1 Killer! today.

About the Author

Thomas E. Levy, MD, JD is a board-certified cardiologist and the author of Primal Panacea and Curing the Incurable: Vitamin C, Infectious Diseases, and Toxins; plus three other groundbreaking medical books. He is one of the world's leading vitamin C experts and frequently lectures to medical professionals all over the globe about the proper role of vitamin C and antioxidants in the treatment of a host of medical conditions and diseases.


Julian Whitaker, MD

"In his first book on vitamin C, Curing the Incurable, Dr. Levy educated us on the use of vitamin C for the treatment of infections and toxins. This book opens our eyes to the almost unbelievable value this vitamin has in treating and preventing cardiovascular disease, our nation's deadliest killer.

Every aspect of the paradigm of elevated cholesterol being the culprit in cardiovascular disease, along with hypertension accelerating the process, is effectively dismantled by Dr. Levy's precise information on the role vitamin C plays in all heart risk factors. The mechanism of atherosclerosis, outlined by Dr. Levy, showing that the absence of vitamin C causes connective tissue of the wall of the arteries to become mushy and watery allowing penetration of foreign substances, is both intriguing and convincing.

In his last chapter he points out convincing evidence from a recent study which demonstrates that slightly increasing your vitamin C tissue concentration reduces all causes of mortality. This decrease is continuous and inversely proportional to the level of vitamin C maintained in the system. People with the highest vitamin C levels had the lowest death rate from all causes, and this reduction in death rate was independent of the presence or absence of other risk factors. Dr. Levy should be commended and applauded. He has put an enormous amount of effort into convincing us of the benefits of ingesting high volumes of vitamin C, which constitutes virtually no effort. It is amazing that a practice of such simplicity, such ease, and such little negative consequence could have such a magnitude of benefits in combating our more serious and deadly diseases. The message of Dr. Levy's book is very simple: Substantially increase your levels of vitamin C, keep them up to par, and live well and long. "